Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Connecting is Key

The arts are all about communication, of emotions, visions, ideas. We live in an age of instant communication, and yet in this age of near-universal accessibility to electronic media, it sometimes seems easier to communicate with people on the other side of the globe than with "the locals" on the other side of town, in our own neighborhoods, or at city hall. Usually the problem isn't a lack of information--there is plenty of information out there, in the newspapers, radio, TV, the web, about what is going on in the arts in our area.
The problem, for individual artists and arts organizations, is connection, making personal contact with the people who matter--potential audiences, funders and sponsors, government entities and representatives, other artists. Most of these VIPs are physically near, but if we don't know who they are, what they do, how they can help, how we can help them know us--if we aren't connecting--then they might as well be on the other side of the planet.
As the Allentown Arts Commission transitions from a grant-making arm of city government to a community-oriented and community-based arts advocacy organization, we offer this forum as a means of connecting. I'll be posting regularly about arts development activities in Allentown and about the Arts Commission's efforts to support a vibrant and prospering arts scene in the city. I'll offer my own opinions about where Allentown is headed re:the arts (hint: I'm very optimistic!) and I'll encourage other members of the commission and city development officials to post here as well. If it works, regular readers of this blog will be able to sample the ongoing discussions we've been having about the future of the arts in our city.
But it will only really work if more people join the discussion--artists, educators, parents, arts supporters, yes, even arts critics--you, the VIPs, our neighbors and friends. We need to know who you are, what you like, what you don't like, what you need, how we can help. We welcome above all your questions. If we don't know the answers, we'll try to connect you with someone we know who does. Connecting is Key.
Welcome to Allentown City Arts. The door's open. Come in.


Ismael said...


I look forward towards working with you as the new Allentown Arts Commission (AAC) President, you follow the tracks of past presidents, who through their individual commitments, as well as strong caring advocates for the arts positioned the AAC to continue in positive, engaging, and inclusive direction.

The Unspoken Word said...

Hello My name is Gregory Coates, i am a Transplant Artist from Manhattan, My Studio is now located in Allentown pa, in Washington Street..
Its a great place but i hear many people think my neighborhood is Dangerous.*.. well, its typical of artist to move into places no one else wants, then with time we create what becomes Trendy Upscale and Very Economic Real Estate
I have also created a Blog,
and i want to share my passion for Urban Vitality with this blog (The Unspoken Word in Allentown

My Questions are many,
one is
Why Does Franchise Business Avoid the Downtown Area of Allentown, When it seems Urban Renewel is the Vogue thruout the USA .
Take into account the Cost of Gas, and the Green Movement.. why do i have to drive out of the city.. just to purchase what i need

Back to the Arts..
I also have to leave the city to get what need in the visual arts
yet, i want and try to get it from Allentown
i am here with my Art.. and i am here with my Artist lifestyle.
yes, i am here to give this Allentown.. what i have given
Soho, Dumbo, Williamsburg and Chelsea.
Creative Thinking and the engery it generates

its worth it. Gregory Coates